Friday, November 17, 2006


A recap for the new folks...

MonkeyGTD is a TiddlyWiki powered GTD system. There's an old version that started as a kind of a TiddlyWiki tech demo. It suffers from the fact that I was a little clueless about GTD at the time. There's a very cool new version that isn't finished yet but it's pretty usable. There's also lots of MonkeyGTD users (who by the way I'd like to thank for their suggestions and encouraging emails). And there's a bunch of clever folk on the TiddlyWiki lists who are doing amazing stuff with TiddlyWiki. There's Daniel, my brother, GTD and TiddlyWiki advisor and number one tester, there's Clint, all-round good guy, and of course there's Jeremy Ruston without whom etc etc.

So this blog will have MonkeyGTD announcements and maybe some other random musings on GTD and TiddlyWiki. If that sounds like your cup-o-tea then hook up your preferred rss reader and welcome aboard.


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