Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Calendar gets some TLC

  • Can now configure calendar popups to show weeks starting weeks on Monday instead of Sunday. (Find the checkbox under more/MGTD).
  • Calendar will no longer hide days in the month before and after the current month
  • There is a new repeat option called Fortnightly for ticklers that you want to repeat every two weeks
The new version number is 3.1.6.

Update using this procedure:


Blogger Who-me? said...

Hi, I have just discovered mGSD and it looks great. The only thing stopping me using it is that I cannot find an calendar anywhere; could you please tell me where it is?

3:07 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank's for this great piece of software. I use it for all my projects. Realy cool. The only thing I "miss" would be a time field for ticklers. But it's no big deal. I write the time into the textarea.


4:06 AM PDT  
Anonymous rainydays said...


The calendar is a popup calendar used in a couple of places by ticklers.

Click on +tickler to add a new tickler and you'll get a popup calendar letting you choose the tickler date.

1:50 AM PDT  
Blogger Adrien Beau said...

The upgrade failed in Firefox using the new URL (with an obscure numerical error code). It worked fine using the predefined MgtdUpgradeUrl, which was

2:15 AM PDT  
Blogger skierpage said...

I liked TiddlyWiki and your variant makes it even better!

Some tips:
* I followed How To/Firefox Per-File Permissions to avoid Firefox prompts whenever I save.
* I used Firefox 4's awesome "Make into App Tab" button to get mGSD to start every time.
* I used the Favicon shadow tiddler trick to add a favicon (IMO you should use a data: URL to put one in the app, see bug 1002).
* I made a favicon out of your mGSD gif, check it out , could use more love using e.g. the editor.

4:37 PM PDT  
Anonymous Dennis said...

Hey there,
I really love your tool and recommend it to every customer of mine who also emplays GTD.

I also have a question:
I saw that tiddlywiki got an update in August, hence I am no real techie my question is whether you will make an update for the mGSD as well or how does that work?

kind regards

12:45 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been using Monkey...err...mGSD for years and I love it. I just took a hard look at some web based competitors (with names like Tooxxxxx, RTx, etc.). mGSD's offline capability coupled with Dropbox across my machines still is the best! Thanks to the devs for all your work. I need to get a Paypal acct so I can make a donation.

12:58 PM PDT  

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