Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The D N W buttons take 2

A few people said they liked the D (done) N (next) W (waiting) buttons. They are handy for quickly flipping a task from Next to Waiting and back again. But the extra clutter was pretty cumbersome. So here's an attempt to keep the buttons but reduce the clutter a little bit. If you like it upgrade now. You will need to fetch MonkeyGTDPlugin, MonkeyGTDStyles and ToggleTag2. Here's a little screenshot: You just click the little N or the W to toggle it. The colours are supposed to be useful. Orange for wait. Green for go. And so far I'm keeping the checkbox as standard since the tick is quite to symbolise done.

If you're interested in having neat little toggle tag buttons in your other TiddlyWiki projects you can grab the (unfinished) plugin at Soon it will support a popup list so we could have Waiting and Next as a dropdown selector.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way cool!
I was one of those that stated in the newsgroup that the D N W buttons are very usefull. I'm happy that they not only did not go away but instead became better.
Nice job.

12:40 PM PST  
Blogger Scott said...

These are better. I too was one of the ones who saw value in the boxes before and this is even better.

Rock on.

10:58 AM PST  
Blogger screamlordbyron said...

Cool feature! Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to use this Macro to insert a new toggle letter in the Project or Dashboard views.

After inserting the tag for the macro into the appropriate view defintions in the MongeyGTD Plugin, no new toggle button appears!>(

I'm sure I'm doing something really stupid, but I'm just plain stymied at this point! :(

9:28 PM PST  

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