Monday, January 07, 2008

What version should I use?

This is from an email I just wrote. I figured it was an FAQ:
The 1.0 is probably the least buggy. But it uses an old version of TiddlyWiki so if you're a TiddlyWiki user already you may find this frustrating. Also it has a few areas where it's not correct GTD wise, eg Someday/Maybe should be for Projects rather than Actions. The 2.x alpha is a much better design but it is quite slow if you have many projects and actions. And it has some very annoying bugs and it doesn't "instantly update", ie you have to click "refresh" to refresh lists. Also it doesn't have reminders like the 1.0 version has. The 3.0 is nowhere near finished so it's not an option. I would say the 2.x alpha is the best choice. But it's up to you.



Blogger Deuce said...

Also, v2.x alpha looks awkward in Internet Explorer.

1:36 PM PST  
Anonymous Burton said...

MonkeyGTD is great. The only thing missing for me is email reminders. Any suggestion on how to implement this?

7:38 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to hear some noise again. sad to see 3.0 looks distant. godspeed....

12:13 AM PST  
Anonymous james said...

Just a note of appreciation - i am using 2.1 alpha r91 and while i wait for the future enhancements, i still don't see anything else out there that manages ,y data for GTD like your tool. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

5:54 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

another note of appreciation... looking forward to 3.0

10:09 AM PST  
Blogger Pedro Branco said...

Great work, tested many gtd tools, vitalist, RTM, nozbe, elected this one, online and offline access was the key. Would like to export it to my mobile phone, Nokia E61i, the rss fees is not enoughf.

Thanks for your valuable contributon to gtd

9:34 AM PST  
Blogger middleclasstool said...

This is great stuff. I just discovered it via Lifehacker and am right now dumping data into it. Works really well.

I do have one question, though -- I notice that when I create a new tickler, it's not actually integrated with the calendar on the right. Clicking the calendar date just brings up a new tiddler with the date as the title. For instance, if I create a tickler called "Doctor's appointment" and set it for next Monday, clicking on Monday's date on the calendar doesn't reference that tickler, so there's no way to browse my ticklers by date, near as I can see.

Are there any plans to integrate this more? I think it would be a useful addition. Wouldn't even have to take up the whole date tiddler, just a Tickler section at the bottom.

Regardless, thanks for the hard work. This is awesome stuff.

1:08 PM PST  

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