Tuesday, May 06, 2008


  • Moved contents of NamedDashboards into separate files as threatened. (Though they aren't shadows as yet due that fact that I wanted them to have a tag and I'm not sure we can tag shadow tiddlers yet. See http://monkeygtd.tiddlyspot.com/empty3.html#View
  • If you tried the above link and looked at the contents (click edit) on any of those, you'd notice that they are all just tiddlers now and the views are defined in wiki markup in the tiddler contents instead of in html somewhere else (via a confusing template system). And they use divs instead of tables for the column layout. (This is going to help with 3x5 printing, but that's another post). This makes them easier to read and to tweak. We still have some problems with customised views getting trashed on an upgrade, so if you do customise any of these views, make a copy of them, ie, copy their contents to a separate tiddler, eg "My Action Dashboard" and be prepared that you will need to reapply your customisations after each update. This is not a permanent thing, it's just until we have a better system for managing customisations.
  • There is a new toggle sidebar button (thanks Saq Imtiaz from http://tw.lewcid.org/) under the search box. If you've had problems with the sidebar taking up too much realestate, this might help.
  • To address the sidebar width (some want it bigger, some want it smaller) I've thrown in a theme called MonkeyGTD Narrow. It's a bit rough at the moment, but I wanted to introduce multiple themes. Find the theme selector under the MGTD tab under More...Be careful not to select the MPTW standard themes (or at least only select them if you think you can find how to change back... :)
  • Glitch with new ticklers fixed. When you create a tickler it has no date. This is now apparent -- previously it looked exactly as though new ticklers had a tickle date of today.

I think that's it. Since items 1 and 2 are pretty big changes cautious users might want to hold off a little and wait and see how many new bugs crawl out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to you through James Fallows, who's singing your praises on his Atlantic blog. In any event, in IE7, my wiki looks nothing whatsoever like your demo. In particular there is no config button visible, which makes the whole thing useless, as I can't define contexts, tags, etc. Not quite ready for prime time, at least for me as I'm unwilling to download a new browser just for this. Nice idea; I like wikis generally and having my GTD system online rather than in a standalone program would be a huge plus for me.

8:55 PM PDT  

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