Friday, December 01, 2006

MonkeyGTD in German

Ingo has created a Deutsch translation for MonkeyGTD. You can read about it over at his site.

Here's a screen shot of his empty file. Kontext and Projekt. Sehr gut. :)

Translating MonkeyGTD is a lot harder than it should be since as yet there is no "lingo" section like there is for TiddlyWiki itself. I would like to aim for lingo file translations in 2.2.


Anonymous Daniel said...

I love this thing, but I started using the alpha version a while ago and was sad when I saw the next release. Have you ever thought about trying to save this information into a database? Making upgrades pretty much seamless? Do you know PHP? Maybe some kind of PHP base with an AJAX flair and a MySQL database driving the backend. Maybe even something like SQLite or simple text/excel files for storing information.

It is just weird to have 800 HTML files where the original one resides.

1:48 PM PST  
Anonymous schilke said...

That's a nice thing. As I already posted before the German translation tiddler for the TW core works like a charm but of course all the other stuff is missing.
Nevertheless I personally will stay with the English version until the translation stuff will be separated. I prefer to upgrade in shorter terms (Alpha) rather than reading in my own language...
But nice to see there are more German users...

1:48 AM PST  
Blogger simon said...

Daniel, why so sad? I don't understand. Email me if you like. Re the 800 files, try switching off backups under options. Re server based stuff see here but personally I'm not interested in that.

9:49 PM PST  

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