Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Someday/Maybe in the 1.0 MonkeyGTD

I mentioned earlier that I didn't know much about GTD when I wrote the original MonkeyGTD. I think the worst mistake I made was to use Someday/Maybe on actions. Someday/Maybe in fact applies to projects has very little to do with actions. Probably the second worst mistake was that most of my example actions should in fact be projects. It's pretty basic GTD, but understanding that anything with more than one step has to be a project has helped me with my own personal stuff. So anyway, I feel like I ought to apologise for steering trusting new GTD'ers in the wrong direction so badly. Sorry!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other things to consider for the future:

* Reporting both future and past.
* Step by step process.
* Hierarchical projects.

11:45 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll gladly forgive you when you release the new version! :-)

In all seriousness I'm grateful to have this tool and it works ok for me. I do look forward to moving to the updated one as soon as you release it though. Many of the features you're adding (realms etc) will be extremely useful. Hopefully there will be some sort of archiving too?

11:26 AM PST  
Blogger billy said...

I'm with anonymous there -- I want to be able to add subtasks of tasks (I assume that's what he means by 'hierarchical'). Any task with subtasks that aren't Done would automatically NOT be shown on the 'Next' list (technically they'd be waiting for the subtask to be finished).


9:57 AM PST  
Blogger Dancin Forever said...

thanks for noticing! i have a more positive experience twitching from GTDTW to mGTD. i found d3 a bit awkward to use. I am now looking at your alpha and wow! i'm going to take a shot and see how things look in the future! ;)

1:21 AM PST  

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