Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starry bug fix

Thanks Daniel W for finding this. Four tiddlers to update: MonkeyGTDPlugin, ViewTemplate, MonkeyGTDStyles, DashboardsAndPanels.

The symptom is that projects in project lists were running together instead of sitting nicely in a vertical list. Also if you don't see a nice star for the star character then you can edit MonkeyGTDPlugin tiddler and uncomment star: "*" and comment out the line above it. (Or if the * doesn't look great you could just try a "S" and use your imagination...).

Here's how they look in my browser:


Blogger schilke said...

apropos update: it seems the pre-configured upgrade urls are missing...

4:19 PM PST  
Blogger schilke said...

thanks for the "configurable star". BTW: I am finding u25C9 also a nice one - and there are also some other stars but it really depends on the installed fonts if they are available.

4:33 PM PST  
Blogger Daniel said...

Yeah, I like u25C6 too. Btw, I had to manually install Arial Unicode font from the Microsoft Office 2003 CD to be able to see these characters.

7:09 PM PST  
Blogger Scott said...

The stars, for me, look like '?' marks in Firefox. I found a cool site that lets trys to show various symbols and presents their codes as well. Wingdings character set and equivalent Unicode characters
One that I like is the right pointing arrow. If you look on the site is says it is U+261E so just edit your MonkeyGTDPlugin tiddler where it says 'star: "\u2605",' to read 'star: "\u261E",'
You probably have to play with these kinds of things to see which one you like and which one works best in your browser. At least that page should help show you what your browser is capable of displaying with out a lot of trial and error.

11:16 AM PST  
Blogger schilke said...

unfortunately Blogger's interface is not really transparent - so my comments on that in an earlier post got slightly lost:

the "star section" of my MonkeyGTDPlugin tiddler might a bit helpful for others

2:47 AM PST  

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