Monday, December 18, 2006

Colour schemes!

Time for some eye candy while we wait on the core functionality to appear... Someone over here mentioned that red wasn't their favourite colour. Excellent point. Now you can choose from Red, Green, Blue, TiddlyWiki default (a brighter blue) and "Smoke". To get this update import PageTemplate, SelectPaletteMacro plus the palette tiddlers, MGTDBlue, MGTDRed, MGTDGreen and MGTDSmoke.

To try out the colour schemes go here and use the drop down on the right under options.

Of course you can create your own palettes. Copy one of the existing ones, eg MGTDGreen and tweak it. Tag it with "palette" to make it work with the selector. If you do create a nice colour scheme then email it to me or post it in the comments and I will include it on the main site.


Blogger BJ (TampaGeek) said...

Nice touch...

Is there any way to find out exactly which components have been updated with each intermediate version?? Since you rebuild the whole thing (mostly), all of the key tiddlers have the same date and it's hard to determine which ones have actually changed. I know that may be a little extra work but it may be easier for some people to just update the tiddlers that changed rather than start over and reapply any changes.

Thanks, Simon!! This is looking better all the time...

4:02 AM PST  
Blogger simon said...

That's a good idea. There's no good reason why the modified date of the tiddler isn't the actual modified date of the tiddler, if that makes sense. Then at least you can see from the timeline what is new.

4:59 AM PST  
Blogger Alfonso said...

Please, oh please. Change the project view!!! Having all of them repeated twice is extremely anoying.

Instead of showing both, why don't you let people choose if they want the realm view or the area view?

Thank you!

11:37 AM PST  
Blogger kingtone said...

Colors! Yeah, it won't necessarily make me more productive but they are fun!


2:48 PM PST  

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