Wednesday, December 06, 2006

American style (M-D-Y) dates now available

You can now change from D-M-Y to M-D-Y using the brand new MonkeyGTDSettings tiddler. Take a look here. To demo it, check the checkbox and hit refresh on the demo tickler. Also the date format is used in the modified/created date (under the tiddler titles).


Anonymous schilke said...

nice (although I prefer European style) - wouldn't it be possible/even nicer to expand that functionality by swapping digits/short/long month...
e.g. 10/oct/October?

3:09 AM PST  
Anonymous BlueLander said...

Looks great Simon.

Would ISO date format be of any value? It's what I use, and the format is YYYY-MM-DD. I find this easy to remember, because as it moves from left to right, the units get smaller.

4:12 AM PST  
Anonymous jeff s said...

Very nice tweak. I'm using the 061201 build - are there a couple tiddlers I can import to pull in this functionality, or would I need to replace all?

Thanks - great work (as always)!

6:23 AM PST  

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