Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MonkeyGTD and Tiddlyspot get a mention on ToDoOrElse.com

It's a couple of months old but take a look at this review.


Anonymous jedweb said...

I use MonkeyGTD on Tiddlyspot and find it very useful. I eagerly await any updates to the program. Is Tiddlyspot up to date with the current version?

I'd love to just host it myself but Tiddlyspot takes out some of the difficult aspects of installing/upgrading. I'm I just wussing out?

9:44 PM PST  
Blogger simon said...

The MonkeyGTD that's available as a Tiddlyspot "flavour" is currently the 1.0.x version. Most of the stuff on this blog is about the 2.1.x version which is under construction. Once it's finished it will be available as a Tiddlyspot flavour.

Er, no? Does it make you a wuss to have better things to do than find a web host, configure some php scripts, install and setup the UploadPlugin, add the download and save to web buttons, configure password protection (if you need it), plus backups and the hit counter page? I didn't think so! (Disclaimer: I am the co-creator of Tiddlyspot so I may be biased.. :)

8:52 PM PST  

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