Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some progress on 3.0

New demo here. Points to note:
  • Still not usable (don't worry I will let you know as soon as it is)
  • Most of the "Do Work" menu is done. Take a look at the lists and dashboards there.
  • Now based on the latest MPTW (which means the latest TW core).
  • Progress is becoming more rapid thanks to a nice new mechanism for maintaining templates with tiddler sections (a new feature in TW 2.3). See MonkeyGTDTheme, NameTemplates, TagTemplates, etc if your interested.
  • All kinds of annoyances from the 2.1 versions are gone now.
  • It's super fast (still)
  • There's a nice list showing active projects that need a next action, as well as actions that don't have a context.
  • Next thing to do is sort out the "new" buttons so you can create projects and actions. Once that's done it will be almost usable.
Once again thanks for being patient and thanks for all the positive comments and support.


Blogger Unforeseen said...

:D Awesome news

Looks great.

The only comment I would add is the ability to add a new action/project/ticker from anywhere like version 2 would be ideal, instead of just when you are in the inbox menu

2:18 PM PDT  
Blogger Hugo Pires said...


I would like to suggest "reference" handling system or even other "non-actionable" items: contacts, checklists.
You can use TWAB to manage contacts and connect them to "Waiting actions" and "Agendas"



11:05 AM PDT  
Blogger VacantAlmond said...

I would love to see TWAB integration with MonkeyGTD contacts. I have managed to get TWAB information to appear in the notes section of some MonkeyGTD contacts by changing the TwabPlugin config, but I don't know were to go to make it a permanent addition in MonkeyGTD contacts.

8:51 AM PDT  

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