Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deleting stuff, new layout, better searching

  • Deleting old Actions and Projects - Check it out by clicking on Cleanup under the Review menu. If you want to change the days old value, just edit that tiddler and adjust accordingly. Note there's no button for deleting all old projects at once. You have to open them and delete them one by one with the new 'delete project' button.
  • Deleting projects - Projects now have a 'delete project' button which will find all the tasks, ticklers, reference items etc and nuke them as well as the project.
  • New layout - I've revamped the menus on the right. I think it's better now with less clutter and it's implemented a lot more simply. The css still needs a lot of TLC, sorry about that. Notice the search box is now up the top which helps with the overall de-clutter.
  • YourSearchPlugin - Makes search a thousand times more useful. The more TiddlyWiki savvy of you might have been using this already but if you've not seen it before you're in for a treat. (Note, I didn't write this, it's a TiddlyWiki plugin created by Udo Borkowski).b

Demo. How to update.


Blogger TheBashar99 said...

Very minor suggestion. I'd like to see the tabs reorderd to: "Work, Review, Process, More". I get conceptually why they are in the current order, but for me, almost all the "New *" actions on the "Process" tab are better handled through one of the many more contextually automated [+] links in the various tiddlers or on the main horizontal menu. The only time I use the "Process" tab is to make a new area or context, and that doesn't happen all that often anymore.

12:12 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great - thanks! I love being able to delete easily.

I feel a little churlish mentioning it, but I sort-of liked the older right nav a little better - I liked the menu names being bigger, and also like being able to more easily access the TW menu.

5:51 AM PDT  

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