Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Q/A

Will you release the delegate module in the core of a next version?
Possibly in some form. I'm not sure how best to integrate it with Waiting For, particularly so that it doesn't annoy people who don't need it. Perhaps any waiting for or future task can optionally be delegated. But next tasks can't because that would be weird. Actually that sounds pretty good.

Are you planning Agendas?
No. A simple approach is to use contexts, eg @dave-agenda, @bob-agenda. Then for instance, the agenda for the next time you see Dave is visible via the tasks in that context. Do you have any thoughts on how agendas should work other than this?

Are you planning Checklists?
No. But see here for ideas on how you can might use checklists in MonkeyGTD.

Are you planning Levels?
No. MonkeyGTD is good at organising lists. Personally I think the "high altitude" functions of GTD (which I think you are referring to) don't benefit much from what MonkeyGTD provides. Though perhaps the wiki function of MonkeyGTD could be useful.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you've liked my questions so much that I've decided to make some more:

*Agenda could work just like Waiting For - showing up on Contact dashboard - one tiddler for one Agenda item

*What about calendar items? Should I use ticklers? I guess GTD make a diference between them.

Thank you for all your GREAT work


6:50 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm using the wiki function of MonkeyGTD aswell..

Saves me a lot of time by keeping notes, draft texts, tutorials and more together in one package.

10:27 AM PDT  

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