Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one more...

"you can use new journal and new here now to make reference items"

(apologies if you've updated three times in the last hour)


Blogger TheBashar99 said...

Using this feature on an action leaves the reference item's realm, project, and area unpopulated. I think the realm should populate from the parent action. The project should populate as the grand-parent project. I'm not sure it makes sense for reference items to have an area.

Using the feature on a project results in the realm being unpopulated. No area is shown, which I think makes sense.

I'm not sure I'll be using the "New Here" as a shortcut to make reference items. But +1 for sure on making journal entries reference items.

7:14 AM PDT  
Blogger simon said...

I imagined it for use on a project. I think it will change over time but for now it's a quick scrappy hack to add some value to those buttons.

7:26 AM PDT  

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