Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re: tickly ticklers

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 9:43 AM, kamvik <> wrote:
But in Ticklers Requiring Action, the code still asks for tagged
'Enabled && !Actioned' - So they show up while they're upcoming but
not on the day they're most important to be noticed..

Oh boy, this has been a disaster.  So when I removed the 'Enabled' tag from ticklers I did an extremely poor job of it. Apologies. Last night I fixed the problem in the blinky alert but missed this one. Everyone please do this:
  • Go to 'Ticklers Requiring Action'
  • Click edit
  • Find this:
tags:'Enabled && !Actioned'
  • Change it to this:
  •   Click done

I will fix it properly with an update tonight. Once again sorry for this screwup. Thanks everyone who helped with this, especially Kamilla and Ken M.

Hopefully this only happened in my imagination:

Grandma: What's happening Billy?
Billy: Pack your stuff Grandma. The bank owns your house now.
Grandma: Why Billy?
Billy: We missed our last chance mortgage payment. It was due on Monday. I don't know what happened. I made a tickler for it.
Grandma: Huh?
Billy: There's some very nice nursing homes on the other side of town. Let's go Grandma... Put that down. The bank owns that now too.
Grandma: [little tear]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, Simon, I'm quite sure there's already enough stuff to pack it into a book... "MonkeyHunting - A Geek's Guide For Debugging A GTD System"

12:48 AM PDT  

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