Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thoughts on the new way views are defined

The downside to the dashboards/views being defined in the text of a tiddler is that they are now more susceptible to a being unwittingly broken. Let's say an inexperienced 'non-power user' double clicks somewhere and ends up looking at the tiddler contents. They see things like {{cols3{ {{col{ <<mgtdList mode:globlal tags:'blah blah' >> ... }}} }}}. They are confused and have no idea what they're looking at. And worse, if they type something or delete something there they can break their dashboard with no easy way to recover it except reverting to a backup. Previously they saw an an empty box where they could type 'notes'. There was no easy way to get into trouble. Now, it is easy to get in trouble. This I see as a problem. So, all we need is a system that makes it easy for a power user to customise everything (and have their customisations preserved across updates) while also making it harder for a novice user to trash their dashboards.


Blogger TheBashar99 said...

Something like the concept of locked tiddlers? Where locked tiddlers require a separate unlock command / button click confirmation before being able to edit them.

3:23 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just I was thinking too!

6:45 AM PDT  

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