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Re: A small careful tweak needed.

For hardcore TagglyTagging junkies only...

Edit MonkeyGTDTheme. (Find it under More, TW, Tags, systemTheme).

In the ViewTemplate section find this part and paste the single bold line below:
    <div class='viewer'>[[DashboardSelector]]</div>

    <div macro="tagglyTagging" class="tagglyTagging"></div>

Save and reload.

Now give 'new here' a little workout and try your best Dr Evil laugh... :)

One little quirk that you will find is that the 'new here' in MonkeyGTD is going to throw in a Reference tag for you. You might want to not do that, if so then look for this in the ViewTemplateToolbar:

<span macro='newHere label:"new here" tag:Reference'></span>

and remove the tag, ie change it to this:

<span macro='newHere label:"new here"'></span>


On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 10:31 AM, JayF <> wrote:

I enjoy using MGTD (and reading this forum) , except for one thing.

Despite admonishments from purists and wise-persons, I use MGTD with
other non-MGTD tiddlers in the same file.  I like this because
Tagglytagging allows nested organization goodness.

When I am working on a task, I'd like to be able to gather (via
tagging) resources from elsewhere in my file, and I'd like all of
these tiddlers listed at the bottom of the task tiddler.  This way,
the task is like a file folder containing the individual resources for
that project.

This is cool because the same resources can also be in other task

Can someone explain to me how to (re)activate the tagged items display
for a task's view template.  I suspect that since MGTD uses themes
that the "viewtemplate" tiddler is not what I want to modify.  If
possible, I'd like to do this in a way where my change would not
disappear if I update my copy of mgtd online.

Thanks for you help.



Blogger dan said...

I too like TagglyTagging but not in Projects and Contexts. The following bold code excludes Projects and Contexts. Don't miss the closing bracket at the end.

macros: {
tagglyTagging: {
handler: function (place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {

//added to exclude tiddlers that have the Project or Context tags
//In MGTD, Projects and Context have a specialized method for displaying linked Tiddlers.
//If I didn't exclude them, Projects and Contexts would list linked Tiddlers twice.
if (!tiddler.tags.containsAny(['Project', 'Context']))

var parsedParams = paramString.parseParams("tag",null,true);
var refreshContainer = createTiddlyElement(place,"div");

// do some refresh magic to make it keep the list fresh - thanks Saq

var tag = getParam(parsedParams,"tag");
var expr = getParam(parsedParams,"expr");

if (expr) {
else {
if (tag) {
else {

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