Monday, September 22, 2008

Chrome, we are clear for launch

It works and it's FAST!!!!!

Here's what I did:
  • Chrome updated itself at some point. This was automatic for me, in fact I didn't know it had happened. If you have updating switched off go to the spanner menu and click About Google Chrome. It should give you a chance to update there.
  • I put TiddlySaver.jar in the directory with my MonkeyGTD file.
  • Now when I loaded MonkeyGTD Chrome told me it wanted to install Java. I clicked OK and it downloaded and installed the latest beta of Java. Looks like version 6 Update 10.
  • When that was all done I tried a save. It asked me if I trusted TiddlerSaver signed by UnaMesa. I said Yes.
  • Then I saved and it worked!
  • (Though at first it was failing to save backup. I think perhaps Chrome is not able to create a directory (if you specify a directory for your backups). So adjust the directory in AdvancedOptions or create the directory if you need to. Once I did that backups worked fine).
Firefox, we'll always be friends.
I should mention that there are some cosmetic issues with the header and the blink tag doesn't work at the moment.
And... I just tried a Tiddlyspot upload which didn't work (though I think this has worked in the past). Will investigate this later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice. Your report inspired me to repeat the attempt to install chrome on my old win2k machine. Success this time - plus making mGTD save worked like a charm with your instructions.
However there are a few issues which will prevent me personally from using Chrome as my default browser for web apps and/or TW's:

# TiddlySaver.jar stops working if I put my machine into suspended or standby mode (Java shuts down - which is a problem e.g for the TaskTimerPlugin i use)

# The use of TiddlySaver.jar interferes with TW's great AllInOneFileConcept

# With Chrome (much) more system memory is needed (Java!)

# on my oldest machine, a 800MHz PIII /w 1GB RAM, the speed improvement is not significant compared with Firefox and almost not notable compared with Prism/Webrunner

Yes, I know this is a beta, I've done some initial tests only and I don't really have any ideas regarding possible other advantages of Chrome - so let's hope there's more to come...


6:11 AM PDT  
Blogger void said...

i see a blank screen in chrome when i open mGSD. the same filew works for IE. any help would be nice.

12:26 AM PST  

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