Monday, September 01, 2008

To Jared Prins

> This one has a lot of potential.  However, it is still in Alpha mode (i.e. not recommended for production use).  This can be scary because one day you are working away and then suddenly you lose your data. 

As far as I know this doesn't happen very much. Or ever. MonkeyGTD is based on TiddlyWiki which is a very mature and solid product. The "alpha" designation is because the UI needs a lot more polish before I'd called it finished. But it's used 'in production' by lots of people around the world who trust it not to suddenly lose their data.

> Monkey GTD is easy to use and I actually enjoyed playing with it.  One downside is it helps to know wiki syntax... ewwww.

Actually you don't have to know any wiki syntax to use MonkeyGTD. You can create and manage projects/actions/contexts etc without using it at all. It's only if you want to add notes to your projects or actions or reference items that you can use wiki syntax. But trust me it's not that bad. Here's a little example:

Some text in a paragraph with some //italic// or ''bold''.
* List item 1
* List item 2
More text

> It's free and platform independent.  Although there is no online component, it can be easily run off a USB stick.

> Although there is some benefit above a paper based GTD system, .  In both systems, if you wanted to change a Next Action items Context, it is time consuming.  Either you are re-writing your list in the paper based system or you have to cut, copy, go to context section, and paste in the wiki GTD system.  How annoying!

This sentence is 100% wrong and means you didn't really get far enough along with MonkeyGTD to understand how it works. To change an action's context, click on the name of the action to open it, then uncheck the old context and check the new one. (Or if you have multiple contexts disabled then select the context from the drop down selector). This will update all your context lists appropriately. For instance, to see your actions for a certain context, click the name of the context under the "Do Work" tab on the right. If you want to give MonkeyGTD another try I'd be willing to give you some help. Contact me at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No disrespect to Jared but honestly, he can't have spent more than 5 seconds researching MGTD. I have been using MGTD for more almost a year without entering a single keystroke of "wiki syntax".

However in the last couple of days I have started to use the occasional text format, eg. bold text to make stiff stand out. I have used a couple of tables too. To find out more just enter "basic tiddlywiki formatting" into Google. Here is one useful page:

Jim Mc.

5:49 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never had it crash or lose data in the ~3 months I've been using it, same goes for previous tiddly-based GTD systems I've used (d3). And I pretty much put mGTD through its paces. But YMMV, I guess.

6:33 AM PDT  
Anonymous Jared said...

Well, it's nice to find a whole conversation where people are a bit peeved with me ;)

I posted an apology on my site for MonkeyGTD.

Sorry for the mix up everyone.

About my "losing data" comment. This is a paranoia of mine due to past experiences and is the reason I do triple backups of data.

4:32 PM PDT  
Blogger Eric Kramer said...

Well, I've managed to lose data likely due to mis-steps resaving the mGTD back to my local system and/or tiddlyspot. I'm sad because mGTD is gorgeous and I love the functionality. But I can't trust it if I lose things after only a couple of days of use. Advice?

11:41 AM PDT  

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