Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tips for not-so-obvious contexts

I've made a context called "this saturday". I use it in conjunction with other contexts like "call", "errand", "supermarket" etc. So on Saturday morning I can click on the context and there's a list of all the things I want to get done today. Another handy context I've used a few times is "before leaving". Let's say you're going away somewhere and there's a few loose ends to tie up before you go and perhaps things you need to pack like tickets and so on. Create actions for everything you have to do or pack as you think of them and give them the "before leaving" context. Then just make sure you do them (of course) and with a quick check that your "before leaving" context is empty, you can get in the taxi to the airport confident you didn't forget any of those big or little things. Do you have a handy context you'd like to share? Post in the comments. If there are any good  ones I'll include them in an upcoming blog post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use a combined Out&Buy. I.e things to do and buy while out running errands. I also use the very context for this tiddler as a storage for my stuff-to-buy list. (I use it together with tagglyTagging making it list any item I tag with Out&Buy).

I also use a "HasContext" to make clear that it *does* have a context (i.e it's not an undecided "No Context") but it is for situations that are too rare to have a separate context for them and/or that can be done anywhere.


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