Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost forgot...

The Done actions now sort correctly. Try it here. Here is the changeset if you're interested.


Blogger PeskyPedant said...

Hi Simon, thanks for fixing that. My weekly reports will now be easier now the list is sorting properly! Also nice going with the "projects with no next action"/ticker change highlighted in your last post. It is good to know that if all you projects have a next action (or ticker), progress on the project is being made, and you won't accidentally forget about it. I am not so sure about the "delete" crosses now after every tiddler. If I want to delete, I can just open the tiddler and delete it. Personally I would open it for one last look before deleting anyway.

For me this continues to be a great great tool. Cheers, Jim.

1:11 PM PDT  

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