Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think you'll like it...

Firstly, Danner Stodolsky has contributed a patch to NewSavedTiddlerPlugin that gives a more useful prompt when you create something. Instead of "Enter title for new tiddler" it will now say "Enter name for new Project" and the tooltip when you hover the mouse shows "Create a new Project" instead of "Create a new saved tiddler" for instance. Thanks Danner for this great patch. Secondly, there's some little links to the menu tiddlers in the menus now so you can more easily customise them. Though you should be aware that at present your menu (and other) customisations will be lost when you update. Thirdly, as suggested by a couple of people on the mailing list/google group, the drop down lists and the toggle tag lists (like context) have a new option for creating a new item on the fly. For instance instead of this:
  • Create action. Realise it needs a project
  • Create the project and name it
  • Notice the project isn't in the drop down list yet
  • Close the action and re-open it from somewhere
  • Now choose the project from the drop down
Now you can do this:
  • Create an action. Realise it needs a project
  • Click the drop down and select 'New Project...'
  • Name the project in the prompt window and you're done
This same works for contacts, areas, contexts, etc. Inspired in part by the add label controls in gmail...

Demo. How to update.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) thank you for the continued tweaking and updates. I still can't thank you enough.

2) I was on the road and mostly computerless for 10 days. Decided to use that as semi-vacation time and didn't think about lists... got home, had a ton of stuff to catch up on and micromanage, and MonkeyGTD was essential in my ability to hit the ground running. I organized my info simply and quickly. The 2.1 version would have been frustrating - this new and continuously updated version was fast and kept up with my mental RAM.

again, I can't thank you enough.
good job!

have a great day.

2:49 AM PDT  

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