Friday, August 22, 2008

More fixes

Okay, the quality control on this release has been less than ideal. Perhaps there is such a thing as too early, too often. You guys have been super helpful in find the bugs though. The latest batch:
  • If your areas didn't have a realm then they weren't selectable in drop downs. You might not have noticed this if your areas all have realms. But now 'no realm' means effectively 'every realm' for the purposes of the drop down selectors. A consequence of this is that you can put other things in realms now like contacts (and even contexts*) if it makes sense to do so and the drop downs will reflect this.
  • Single quotes in projects or areas where causing macro errors. This is fixed now. I'd still not be surprised if single quotes in titles cause other more subtle weirdness though. Let me know if you find an easily demonstrable example of this.
* If you really want to use a realm specific context at the moment you'd have to add the tag manually. And it would only work properly with multiple contexts switched off since the checkboxes currently don't filter on realm.


Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks for the quick fixes. Is there a changeset for this update?

10:38 AM PDT  
Blogger simon said...

Here it is:

4:03 PM PDT  

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