Thursday, August 21, 2008

Filtered drop downs and some other updates

  • Don't show every project in drop down lists. Limit to non-complete projects in the applicable realm (as suggested by several people on the mailling list)
  • Configurable activation hour for ticklers. Defaults to 5am (instead of midnight which is what it used to be) as suggested by someone on the mailing list.
  • A bug fixes for users of MTS provided by Daniel D.
  • A bug fix for TiddlerEncryptionPlugin with MTS provided by Patrick O.
  • New context-sensitive help screens provided by Ken Mankoff
  • New "Completed Projects" view sorted by date. It's a good one to show your boss at the end of the month.
The drop down stuff is pretty fresh so please try it out carefully and let me know if you find bugs. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update. I hope it becomes a continuing trend!

Demo. How to update. Changeset.


Anonymous edenz said...

It looks like the contexts are now associated by realm as well. I suggest removing this. :) Some of them come up when I'm in a realm, all are available when no realm is selected. The availablility does not seem to correspond to whether or not their are other tasks in that realm with that context.

12:05 PM PDT  
Blogger Jeff said...

I also had trouble with the context drop down, but otherwise I like the change.

I think the activation hour change would be a lot more useful if it was per tickler, instead of global.

12:20 PM PDT  

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