Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little fix for context drop downs

As reported by ednz and Jeff last nights update broke the context drop down. (You wouldn't have noticed this if you have 'MultipleContexts' switched on in the options section under More/MGTD). Here's a little update to fix that.

You only need to fetch the MgtdTagControls if you already grabbed the last update. Or you could even do it by hand if you like, see the changeset link above.

I'm curious about people who have MultipleContexts switched off. It is a limitation in that you can't have an action in more than one context. Do you prefer this, or is it just because you have many contexts and the checkboxes take up too much realestate?


Blogger Ken Mankoff said...

I'd like to use multiple contexts but two things stop me from doing so.

1) I have 14 contexts and the layout/real estate issue you mentioned is annoying.

and more importantly

2) It gets disabled every time I update

3:18 PM PDT  
Anonymous ednz said...

I turn it off b/c I don't want to see the same task multiple times in each context - it's kind of depressing. Also the real estate issue, and it runs a wee bit faster.

4:18 PM PDT  
Anonymous ednz said...

Also - thanks for the fix!

4:19 PM PDT  
Blogger simon said...

> It gets disabled every time I update

That would be annoying. Other settings get clobbered to I guess. I should do something about that. If I exclude MgtdSettings from the update list and put the contents of that tiddler somewhere else it might to the trick.

> "a wee bit faster"
I'm guessing you're a kiwi.. I might have known from your user id but this confirms it. :)

> ..thanks..
You're welcome but thank you for reporting this problem so quickly.

4:45 PM PDT  
Blogger TheBashar99 said...

I don't like to use multiple contexts because my contexts don't really overlap. This might be because I work from home, but I have never had a task where I had to think for more than a quarter second about what context it was. From my way of thinking, if I have a task with multiple contexts, that's a project.

10:10 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Multiple contexts and Real estate;
Yes and No, due to a bug or hard coding(?). Your question made me wonder why I had multiple contexts turned off and activating it again made me remember. It seems the default contexts are hard coded or something because I've deleted them many times but they reappear. I did some experimenting just now, but cannot say exactly what makes them reappear, but I assume it's something with the uploadplugin. If you don't know straight away what I could be referring to, please tell me and I'll try to identify exactly what events make it happen.


11:36 AM PDT  

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