Monday, September 08, 2008, please stop the blog spam

Every blog post I see mentioning GTD gets comment spammed by I don't know what the product is like but the marketing strategy sucks.


Anonymous Jared said...

Interesting. I signed up with GTDagenda to test it out and thought it was a good implementation of GTD. They send newsletters once every couple of weeks and usually have something interesting to say. In short, they seemed fairly professional and courteous.

I know they must be actively scanning the web for any GTDagenda related news because in a GTD review I did on my blog it didn't take long for them to post a reply.

I didn't think they were the spamming types, but with people nowadays, who knows? Though I am more inclined to think it's not actually GTD agenda spamming but someone wanting to ruffle the feathers bit?...

1:44 PM PDT  
Blogger Eph Zero said...

I constantly got their newsletter with this text at the bottom:

"To safely remove your name and email address from our
newsletter mailing list go to:

Unsubscribe Me"

The problem is that this part of the email is plain text -- no link!

After logging in, I see no place to change newsletter preferences in the settings.

So yeah, I'd call them spammers. The only way to stop the newsletters was to blacklist them in my webmail.

1:09 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you all on this. I blogged a wee bit about Monkeygtd (thank you) and the first comment on my blog is GTDagenda.

Now I appreciate that this guy is trying to get his stuff out there and that he is almost offering a valid comment on other techniques available but i put his comment in the spam as

a) EVERY single site i visit looking at gtd stuff has his comment on gtda
b) he doesn't offer comment on the product under discussion merely to comment on his own
c) the only reason he is there is to promote his product

thus spam.

loving mGTD so far tho! thanks.

2:21 AM PST  

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