Monday, March 30, 2009


It's been a while since the last update and it's not because I've been working on anything huge. Let's ease back into things with a few little fixes and improvements. I'll see if I can list them:
  • Proper pointer cursor when mousing over the +tickler button (Thanks Kralik)
  • Bug when converting periodic tickler to an action it would become a once only tickler tickler (Thanks Kralik for this one also)
  • Fix for TiddlyWeb users as suggested here. (Note the hijacking issue discussed still and issue, though perhaps it could be solved by renaming MgtdIndexedTags to ZZMgtdIndexTags...?)
  • You can now use shorthand in QuickAdd for Projects, S, SM, A for Starred, Someday/Maybe, Active (as well as the existing W, N, F, S for actions). For example in quick add:
A someday project|SM
.a future action|F
.a next action
  • You can now use ;; in QuickAdd to delimit content of the tiddler. (Previously ; was an alternative to | but ;; didn't work). Eg, a new SM project in area Friends with some notes,
Some project;SM;Friends;;notes here go in tiddler content

  • Save message is cleared if you mark something as done. This is so you're less likely to think you don't need to save when actually you do. (Thanks to the person who suggested this.. sorry I couldn't find the email just now..)
  • New tiddler method similar to hasActiveProject called hasStarredProject. Contributed by Bernhardt Rainer, thanks Bernhardt. This isn't used in any of the stock views as yet, but view customised can make use of it in their custom views.
  • When making a project into a Tickler, set it to Someday/Maybe. This trick makes it's actions disappear from most action dashboards, which is what you want when a Project is made a Tickler. Thanks to Jorge A. Ramos M. for this neat suggestion.
  • A button to make an action into a reference item. Suggested by Bernhardt Rainer.
  • Undated ticklers now sort to the end. They were sorting by their updated date which made no sense at all. Bug reported by Jacques.
  • New improved (and maybe less confusing) version number. It's the svn revision.
  • Use data url for the logo in the top left instead of fetching it. Works only in firefox.
So let me know if you have troubles. And if you're the cautious type it might pay to hold off a bit on this one until the dust settles, just in case there are some bugs. And thanks for the support, patience, feedback, suggestions, contributions.

I'm using this release on a 2.4.1 TW core. I've not jumped to the new 2.5 with jQuery yet, though I'm interested to hear from anyone who has.

To update see here.


Blogger Ken Mankoff said...

Speaking of upgrading the core, will a future MonkeyGTD update provide core updates, or is that something we should do separately? I'm interested to try the faster core, my MGTD is getting painfully slow and I don't want to delete old ticklers.

7:42 AM PDT  
Blogger Stephen said...

If you're willing, you can use ExportTiddlersPlugin (from to first export old tiddlers before deleting them. It has a nice filter on it so you can select tiddlers before a previous date, and filter by tag at the same time (e.g., Done, Complete, Actioned). I do this as part of my Weekly Review. The downside is that if you need to review them, you'll have to open export.html, or reimport them into your current MGTD.

7:19 PM PDT  
Anonymous Kyle Baker said...

Thanks for the update Simon! I'm running the 2.5 TW, but there's nothing new yet except for the simple inclusion of jQuery.

Re: "Bug when converting periodic tickler to an action it would become a once only tickler tickler" -- I realized that I forgot about "Yearly" since I never use it. Some next update I suppose.

I'll probably post the TaskTimer tweaks I made to the Google group, someday... maybe... ;)

9:56 AM PDT  
Blogger Derek said...

My backstage is broken. When I click on the links at the top, all I get is **importTiddlers** **sync** **Upgrade** - are those not implemented or something? Save works, but the rest of the links just display that text. I'd like to be able to import tiddlers, or export them.

4:22 PM PDT  
Blogger Derek said...

I figured out the problem. Apparently some of the fields are saved with & lt;< instead of <<. I had to manually edit the file.

11:03 AM PDT  

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