Thursday, January 11, 2007

IE7 and unicode chars

IE7 will show the star now. It works if I specify Arial Unicode MS in the css (which is not used by default by IE7, I guess is plain old Arial is the default). I suppose Wingdings would be an option also. Is that available on Macs? Upgrade MonkeyGTDStyles if you need this fix. (IE still has some font-size issues though, will get to that later).

I suppose an image could be used also but then you no longer have self-contained single file which is one of the great strengths TiddlyWiki.


Anonymous Ian Roberts said...

Correction! (I thought that was strange behavior). When I reloaded the page in Mac OS X Firefox I can see the stars now. Woo!

1:19 PM PST  
Anonymous Ian Roberts said...

Err...looks like my first comment didn't take. In Mac OS X Firefox I initially got a big 'X' where the star should be, but it worked in Safari. A reload of the page in Firefox fixed it. And yes, Macs do have the Wingdings font.

1:22 PM PST  

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