Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hypergraph and MonkeyGTD

This is interesting. I'm not sure it will help get things done but it sure looks cool. I would probably put it in a tiddler though so it's not constantly in your face.


Blogger papaathome said...

This is Great! Whish I knew how to put it into the version of MonkeyGTD I'm using at this moment (2.1a.r91)

But I'm learning, getting it done some day but first I have to read the fine manual about MonkeyGTD. ;-)

9:09 AM PST  
Blogger PapaAtHome said...

Got it running and it knows about the mGTD structure. It shows realms, areas, projects, actions and ticklers. Also possible to (de)select all items with a 'done' status for the last three tiddlers.

Now, where can I put my code so others can have a try with it... hmmm. the mGTD discussion group will do.


7:55 AM PDT  

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