Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OMG BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It's pink-o-licious ! But seriously though, very nice theme. Saq this HAS to go to :)

Well the wheels are in motion so perhaps someday we can all use this theme. Also note that the theme is based on Clint's TiddlyRin (which was based on a wordpress theme called Rin) and "Bunnylicious" a Vox theme by Ideacodes. Which incidentally comes in colours other than pink.


Blogger Dave said...


8:05 PM PST  
Blogger lewcid said...

Find me the actual TW file for it, and get permission from the author and ill add it...

I've been trying to avoid adding themes without explicit permission from the authors in question, which considerably slows things down.

11:24 PM PST  
Blogger schilke said...

that's where MonkeyGTD starts to become a real world gadget - any thoughts for MSN integration, logos and ringtones, yet?
Personally (because I am fighting my lazyness on a daily basis) I am missing a "Terminator", a "Die hard" and a "Leathal Weapon" theme - some ideas?

(after the latest updates on the alpha, probably a "Matrix reloaded" theme is missing, too)

1:40 AM PST  

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