Saturday, February 10, 2007

Upgrade path for alpha users

I was reminded (thanks schilke) that I need to announce this here:
(drum roll)... I officially now intend to support an upgrade path (through to beta and final 2.1) for adopters of the alpha. The dire warning about there being no upgrade path is no longer applicable. If you were holding back from the alpha only because of the dire warning then come on in the waters fine. :)

This has come about because I intend to stick with a tag based version, ie the plan to stop using tags entirely in favour of tiddler fields is on hold at least until a future version 3.0 or whatever.


Blogger Dancin Forever said...

this sounds like a solid decision to hash out your data structures in the "malleable" tag domain - I'm all for it.

speaking of "upgrade" - have you published a utility to upgrade 1.0 mGTD to 2.x?

I have some pseudo-code outlining the steps and thought it might be good to pass on if one doesn't exist yet.

8:40 PM PST  
Blogger Simon said...

There is now utility or howto as yet. Actually that would be great if you could share your pseudo-code. Email it to me or post it here if you prefer.

9:02 PM PST  
Blogger schilke said...

If you are not the same person, you should think about merging your stuff with "Chinarut"...

1:56 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Not sure where to post this, but to me the MainDashDash tickler list doesn't seem right.
It works better with '>=' instead of '<=':

where:'tiddler.tickleDate() >= (new Date()).convertToLocalYYYYMMDDHHMM()'

Actually, what would work best for me is a comparison with 11:59 tonight rather than current time, plus a hour/minute tag on the ticklers themselves.

Anyway , thanks for a great wiki!

9:39 PM PST  

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