Monday, March 31, 2008

Tickler ideas

  • snooze button. though it might not be a good idea to make it too easy to 'snooze' your ticklers. :)
  • a button for 'add a week and make unactioned'.
  • ditto month and year. this is a easy way to handle basic repeating ticklers. though of course 'second tuesday in the month' will take some more effort...
  • 'snooze' in that case is possibly the 'add a day' version of the above
  • should hide the 'ticklers needing action' when there are none of them
ps, there is bug at the moment where creating items from the project dashboard sometimes gives you the wrong realm (darn it). will put that ahead of reference items on the roadmap.


Blogger Avi Marcus said...

Does the reminder plugin give you any nice functionality? Its a great way to have the functionality for birthdays, but it doesn't let you mark them "processed" or anything.

Let us know when to upgrade!

12:52 PM PDT  

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