Tuesday, April 01, 2008

we have reference items

new road map:
  • starred items views
  • fix up the menus (Do Work, Review) etc so they are less ugly and more useful
  • make everything look nicer
  • write some upgrade guides
  • include as tiddlyspot flavour
  • write some documentation
  • update the web site and archive old versions in a dark and hard-to-find location


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you are maintaining a really high pace of development lately! :-)

Thank you so much for mGTD, you're simply making the best GTD "application" out there!

I'm really looking forward to mGTD 3.0!

7:33 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... I'm seriously excited by the recent developments... I have to get work done now, but will want to play with your demo later as a "reward" for working well today.

cheers, thanks again for everything.

7:55 AM PDT  
Anonymous Dean L said...

Just wanted to say thanks, it's great to see the development moving along at such a pace.

I can't wait for the tiddlyspot version :D

8:53 AM PDT  
Anonymous Alex Weber said...

OMG, DO WANT mGTD 3.0! Currently my tiddlyWiki is too slow and full of junk for me to effectively use it. I'm really REALLY looking forward to a beta -- even an alpha that won't eat my tiddlers!

I had tried to customize mGTD2 to include keyboard shortcuts, and to modify my view menu. I found it quite difficult. Is the documentation/code going to make extending functionality like this possible?

Thank you, SO MUCH, for doing this.

11:32 AM PDT  
Blogger Heller said...

Can I squeeeeeze in a small request here? Will it be possible to open the project tiddler from the action tiddler as in MonkeyGTD 2.1 alpha r91?

11:13 PM PDT  
Anonymous Mike H said...

This is shaping up to look really nice - great stuff.

Here's a thought I've been turning over recently: Has anyone tried using mGTD much on the iphone / ipod touch? Would be amazing to have a truly pocketable mGTD.

4:52 AM PDT  

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