Monday, November 03, 2008

Stop the annoying confirmation prompts in Firefox 3.0

From the Google Group here:
I have seen this question in a couple places with no answer, and it bugged me too!!! I did manage to find one way to make the Pesky Prompting go away!!! Below is the text that I also added to the Help Wiki

Yes, you can change the value of a single Firefox Preference, to allow Local HTML Files to be saved without having to answer the question ever again. Type about:config in the Address Bar (Note the necessary Colon between the words "about" and "config"). Find the Preference called "security.fileuri.strict_
origin_policy". Double click on it to toggle it to a value of false. Restart Firefox to try it out. Be aware that this does alter the built-in security of Firefox.

(albeit minimally in my mind, for my own purposes - YMMV)

Hope this helps some other folks!


Oh yes it did. Thanks Scott. Fantastic work.

Bug fix for IE users and some other fixes

Latest update includes:
  • Quick add was seriously broken in IE. This release fixes that.
  • Long project names are truncated in the drop down to prevent the drop down becoming too wide
  • New Tickler Dashboard by Contact as suggested on the mailing list
  • Added 'new reference item' to Process Inbox menu
  • Fixed bug for people who switch off NewMeansNewPlugin
  • New method for creating a tickler from the top add buttons. Specify the date with the calendar immediately. (Slightly experimental. Let me know your thoughts).
  • No longer putting everything in 'excludeLists' so customisers can find useful tiddlers and preserve their sanity.
Demo. How to update.