Sunday, April 26, 2009

Support for action dependencies

Carsten Thiele and Kralik have done some great work* on one of the most requested features, action dependencies. Based largely on the Carsten's SequencedActionsPlugin (with some changes to use tag indexing for speed), and Kralik's UI adjustments, I've added this feature into MonkeyGTD.

At the moment I'm only using it for Actions and not Ticklers (as per SequenceActionsPlugin) just for the sake of keeping things simple but I can see that it would be useful for Ticklers also. Once again it's pretty new so perhaps hold of updating unless you've been waiting on this feature. Let me know if you find bugs.

Some notes:
  • I'm providing an alert when an action is promoted to Next or demoted to Future based on the Done checkbox of the action it's dependant on.
  • The 'create dependant action' button is not there yet, since it doesn't work with TW core 2.4.1 which is the one I'm testing with at the moment.
  • There's also a speedup fix and a bug fix for changing Actions/Projects/Ticklers provided by Jason Dunham
  • For a demo of the new functionality click here and mark Action A as done. Then mark as not done. It's easy to specify that an action has a dependency using the drop down selector.
  • The action is getting cluttered with the contact and now the depends on drop down. I've but the depends on drop down after a br tag, but it probably need some layout tweaks. Suggestions welcome.
  • If you delete an action that another action is waiting on you probably should get a warning. Or at least there should be a page that shows actions that are waiting on a non-existent action. But lets not worry about that at present.
  • Multiple dependencies are supported and work. But it's not easy to create them as the drop downs let you select one only. You have to manually edit tags to do it.
To update see here.

* See this page in the wiki for details.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Customising MonkeyGTD

Jason Dunham has done some great work customising his MonkeyGTD to add some additional Project (and Action) classifications. Basically what he wanted was something in between Active and Someday/Maybe which he has labelled Pending for projects and Queued for actions.

Even better is that he has documented how he did it. You can read his guide here:

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Du TudĂș article