Monday, January 07, 2008

What version should I use?

This is from an email I just wrote. I figured it was an FAQ:
The 1.0 is probably the least buggy. But it uses an old version of TiddlyWiki so if you're a TiddlyWiki user already you may find this frustrating. Also it has a few areas where it's not correct GTD wise, eg Someday/Maybe should be for Projects rather than Actions. The 2.x alpha is a much better design but it is quite slow if you have many projects and actions. And it has some very annoying bugs and it doesn't "instantly update", ie you have to click "refresh" to refresh lists. Also it doesn't have reminders like the 1.0 version has. The 3.0 is nowhere near finished so it's not an option. I would say the 2.x alpha is the best choice. But it's up to you.