Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bugfix for single quotes in titles

Plus a few other things... In brief:
  • Single quote bugfix (actually it was a reintroduced bug, not and old one as I had thought). Thanks to the users who brought this up on the mailing list.
  • A new view/report/page (what are we calling these things..?) showing Someday/Maybe projects without a tickler. Ignore this if you don't care for it, but the idea is that if you put a tickler on your S/Ms then you are reminded to evaluate them periodically.
  • Tickler without a date is now considered active. This seems to make slightly more sense the the previous behaviour. So give your tickler a date if you want it to go away from view. (This and the previous items contributed by Arkady Grudzinsky
  • If you don't want to see an alert when an action is automatically made 'Next' because it's dependent action is completed then it's configurable via a checbox under More.. MGTD.
  • A new tiddler called MgtdSidebarExtra. It ships empty but if you put something in it it will appear above the tabs on the right. Use it to provide easier access to your most commonly used pages/views.
  • Autosave now works when creating actions/projects/ticklers etc. (Thanks Kevin O'Neil).
You can update in the usual way. Looks like the new version number 9813.