Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re: Great Tool! Looking for date of action, project and visibility of tickler grouped by contact

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 4:43 PM, Ochoa C., Frewitt SA <> wrote:

- I'm looking for using dates for actions (specially to see what has been delegated to whom till when).
- Projects has always a start and an end date, how can I visualize this with MonkeyGTD? (At the end a list with the projects grouped by priority and/or date is the target.)
- How can I group the ticklers by contact?
As you see I'm trying to use MonkeyGTD to control help my team to do the delegated tasks.

At the moment projects don't have due date fields. One approach is to use ticklers. For instance in a project called "ProjectA" you could make a tickler on the applicable date called "ProjectA Final Deadline". Also make a few others, eg "ProjectA due one week from today". Or "... a month from today". Then you can look in your TicklerDashboard and see these things approaching.

A similar technique can be used to follow up delegations. You can convert your waiting for action to a tickler and give it a date which is the date you want to follow up with the associated contact.

This should work for grouping ticklers by contact. I will put it in an upcoming release:

    title:'Ticklers Requiring Action Grouped'
    newButtonTags:'Tickler Enabled Once'

    title:'Upcoming Ticklers Grouped'
    newButtonTags:'Tickler Enabled Once'
    where:'!tiddler.fields.mgtd_date || !tiddler.ticklerIsActive()'

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"...pure GTD!!! ...this is impressive"

Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'm so happy I just ordered 4 shirts..."

Geek Drivel Having Some Success

I've only been back on the Getting Things Done (GTD) wagon for one week now, and I'm simply awed at how much I've gotten done.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More fixes

Okay, the quality control on this release has been less than ideal. Perhaps there is such a thing as too early, too often. You guys have been super helpful in find the bugs though. The latest batch:
  • If your areas didn't have a realm then they weren't selectable in drop downs. You might not have noticed this if your areas all have realms. But now 'no realm' means effectively 'every realm' for the purposes of the drop down selectors. A consequence of this is that you can put other things in realms now like contacts (and even contexts*) if it makes sense to do so and the drop downs will reflect this.
  • Single quotes in projects or areas where causing macro errors. This is fixed now. I'd still not be surprised if single quotes in titles cause other more subtle weirdness though. Let me know if you find an easily demonstrable example of this.
* If you really want to use a realm specific context at the moment you'd have to add the tag manually. And it would only work properly with multiple contexts switched off since the checkboxes currently don't filter on realm.

Bug fix for broken +w buttons in ticklers

Sorry about that. It was a typo resulting from by careless copy/pasting.

Thanks Ken Mankoff for the bug report.

Demo. How to update.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"It rocks!"

Little fix for context drop downs

As reported by ednz and Jeff last nights update broke the context drop down. (You wouldn't have noticed this if you have 'MultipleContexts' switched on in the options section under More/MGTD). Here's a little update to fix that.

You only need to fetch the MgtdTagControls if you already grabbed the last update. Or you could even do it by hand if you like, see the changeset link above.

I'm curious about people who have MultipleContexts switched off. It is a limitation in that you can't have an action in more than one context. Do you prefer this, or is it just because you have many contexts and the checkboxes take up too much realestate?

Filtered drop downs and some other updates

  • Don't show every project in drop down lists. Limit to non-complete projects in the applicable realm (as suggested by several people on the mailling list)
  • Configurable activation hour for ticklers. Defaults to 5am (instead of midnight which is what it used to be) as suggested by someone on the mailing list.
  • A bug fixes for users of MTS provided by Daniel D.
  • A bug fix for TiddlerEncryptionPlugin with MTS provided by Patrick O.
  • New context-sensitive help screens provided by Ken Mankoff
  • New "Completed Projects" view sorted by date. It's a good one to show your boss at the end of the month.
The drop down stuff is pretty fresh so please try it out carefully and let me know if you find bugs. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update. I hope it becomes a continuing trend!

Demo. How to update. Changeset.

Tips for not-so-obvious contexts

I've made a context called "this saturday". I use it in conjunction with other contexts like "call", "errand", "supermarket" etc. So on Saturday morning I can click on the context and there's a list of all the things I want to get done today. Another handy context I've used a few times is "before leaving". Let's say you're going away somewhere and there's a few loose ends to tie up before you go and perhaps things you need to pack like tickets and so on. Create actions for everything you have to do or pack as you think of them and give them the "before leaving" context. Then just make sure you do them (of course) and with a quick check that your "before leaving" context is empty, you can get in the taxi to the airport confident you didn't forget any of those big or little things. Do you have a handy context you'd like to share? Post in the comments. If there are any good  ones I'll include them in an upcoming blog post.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"It was good when I looked at it a year ago, but it has really improved now!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

blog post on

... My favorite was quickly found: MonkeyGTD ...

... My working day with its many tasks and distractions is increasingly ueberschaubarer and manageable...

in english (via google translator)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

"MonkeyGTD makes me fly like a GTD superstar"