Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sneak preview of the new web site

I realised that we need a home page that is separate from a "demo" site. So I started on this. If I ever finish it it will become the main web site at It uses the wonderful "Presentation Mode" TiddlyWiki (soon to be called "Publisher Mode" TiddlyWiki created by Lewcid from See my thoughts on using TiddlyWiki for authoring small web sites in this thread.

Uncrippling the tags tab

You might have noticed I crippled the tags tag. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It will come back later in a modified form but if you can't wait you can uncripple it now by deleting the tiddler called "TabTags".

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FAQ: I just moved over to 2.1. Where are the reminders?

At present 2.1 alpha does not have Reminders. Instead it has Ticklers. Unfortunately Ticklers are a lot more primitive than Reminders, eg with reminders you can do repeating events, monthly, day of week etc. You can see approaching reminders with a "number of days until" display. I am a big fan of Reminders. The reasons that I didn't include reminders so far are: a). Reminders are not strictly "GTD-like". b). I wanted to improve ticklers so they are more powerful and can do more of the things that Reminders can do now. c). Reminders are based on an old TiddlyWiki and could be much improved efficiency-wise by updating to use Tiddler fields. But I am reconsidering this as many 1.0 users are missing them including myself somewhat.

Also I have inherited custody of the ReminderMacros from the author Jeremy Sheely. Long term I want to create a full scheduling/calendaring app for TiddlyWiki and then incorporate that into MonkeyGTD and use it for Ticklers. But in the short term I have no clear vision.


New home for repos and new issue tracker

The MonkeyGTD code repository has moved over to here.

Also there is a place to track MonkeyGTD issues in the Trac server at See here. It's a bit empty at the moment but over the next day or two I will be adding in the list here created by Chinarut and a few more probably.

No official updates for a while, I've been working on speed improvements. It's looking promising. TiddlyWiki hackers take a look in here. Interesting eh?