Monday, August 27, 2007

more baby steps

Actually a larger step this time. The "fast list" code is pretty much done. It's using the lovely new code for rendering and so on. So all that's left in theory is to redo all the lists to use this new. And clean up the interface a little bit. You can see a demo of sorts here. Note the blazing speed and the instant refresh.

Review at Journey of the Journeyman

I read GTD about a year ago and found that it had enough new material to ignite the passion of a man who is hell-bent on improving his productivity. Unfortunately, that man was not me...

But then, last Thursday, I found MonkeyGTD. The whole concept of TiddlyWiki floored me...

MonkeyGTD is a sweet tool. Try it, you might just love it...

See here for the article.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nice post from happy TW user

From Carson's Post.
I get a kick out of reading Tiddlywiki discovery posts, when someone “gets it”. There is a Eureka Moment when the the power of this simple sheet of HTML code hits the writer
He also likes MonkeyGTD and TiddlySnip. :)

baby steps

I have a handy-dandy tiddler "rendering" engine. See here and here. Also the grouping stuff mentioned previously is beginning to bear fruit. Eg, this is working code to render a nice list of actions grouped by projects.
      return [t.getByIndex("Project")];
And it's playing nicely (t.getByIndex() is FAST) with the "make it faster" code that's been hanging around for a while. See here. (Warning, not for the faint of heart). The next step is to work in the "tag logic parser" (that one's a keeper) and pick through all the templates to see what's useful.

So I'm thinking this means 2.1 is done for and we're now talking about MonkeyGTD 3.0. Hang in there team. It's going to be good... :P