Monday, March 31, 2008

Tickler ideas

  • snooze button. though it might not be a good idea to make it too easy to 'snooze' your ticklers. :)
  • a button for 'add a week and make unactioned'.
  • ditto month and year. this is a easy way to handle basic repeating ticklers. though of course 'second tuesday in the month' will take some more effort...
  • 'snooze' in that case is possibly the 'add a day' version of the above
  • should hide the 'ticklers needing action' when there are none of them
ps, there is bug at the moment where creating items from the project dashboard sometimes gives you the wrong realm (darn it). will put that ahead of reference items on the roadmap.

We have ticklers

And they are awesome. (Though, like most of 3.0 at the moment, they could be prettier. I will spend some time on cosmetic improvements at some point). Also there is a great new demo project contributed by a 3.0 user. Thanks Michael S.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


  • ticklers
  • incorporate reference items
  • views for starred items

surprising emergent behaviour

Just to see what would happen I made a action with two projects. (You can't use the drop down project selector, you have to edit the tags manually). And here's how it looked in my next actions list. One little [P] link for each project! Delightful! I'm not even sure how that works!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Areas now look like something

Take a look at the Area lists at the bottom of the review menu. These will be great for higher altitude reviews, eg "Well, why don't i have any active projects under 'Quality Time with the Kids'" or "Someday/Maybes are really building up under 'Research and Development'".

Demo here (same location as before).

Someone asked about Subprojects. I think at the moment the complications they bring to the dashboards, lists and overall UI outweigh the benefits. The suggested work around is to name projects like so:
  • Big Project
  • Big Project - Part 1
  • Big Project - Part 2
It's not ideal. Or you could make an Area that encompasses a group of projects. Or even a Realm if it's useful. I haven't entirely given up on subprojects though. But there's too much else to do at the moment.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

new new buttons and quick add

  • There's new buttons sprinkled everywhere now. Anywhere you see a + click it a create a new thing.
  • Check out the handly "quick add" slider in the top menu. (It's just slapped straight in from 2.1 code, so might be a little clunky).
  • Do Work, Process Inbox and Review are basically done.
  • The idea now with the options under "Do Work" is you use the view that works best for you. You're not supposed to use them all at once.
  • New preview urls:
  • I'm going to call it pre-pre alpha. Unless you're comfortable on the edge (eg, schilke) you should probably shouldn't trust your real system to it yet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Becoming a MonkeyGTD developer

I posted this on the mailing list a little while ago:
  • Install TortoiseSVN (or regular SVN or your prefered SVN client).
  • Install ruby.
  • Check out from
  • Download an empty mptw from here: and put it in the empties folder inside mgtd3.
  • Run build.rb
  • If it worked then look in the uploads folder and open up index3.html. Hopefully it looks like the current 3.0 demo.
  • Write some code, test it, send me patches. :)

Some progress on 3.0

New demo here. Points to note:
  • Still not usable (don't worry I will let you know as soon as it is)
  • Most of the "Do Work" menu is done. Take a look at the lists and dashboards there.
  • Now based on the latest MPTW (which means the latest TW core).
  • Progress is becoming more rapid thanks to a nice new mechanism for maintaining templates with tiddler sections (a new feature in TW 2.3). See MonkeyGTDTheme, NameTemplates, TagTemplates, etc if your interested.
  • All kinds of annoyances from the 2.1 versions are gone now.
  • It's super fast (still)
  • There's a nice list showing active projects that need a next action, as well as actions that don't have a context.
  • Next thing to do is sort out the "new" buttons so you can create projects and actions. Once that's done it will be almost usable.
Once again thanks for being patient and thanks for all the positive comments and support.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Getting GTD Done at Caballero Classic

A great writeup on GTD (and some praise for MonkeyGTD and the Nokia N810).
This thing works and exceeds expectations: you will not only get GTD done, you will find that you have opened doors that were not available before...